Mission Statement

Reconnecting with the Honesty of Nature

In this time of such environmental and cultural crisis, personal empowerment is becoming increasingly important.
It has long been recognised that understanding inspires positive movement, however as society is becoming more open to change, people are looking for guidance.

Science is celebrated for its objectivity almost as much as the media are criticised for their bias.
These two concepts merge within popular science and what they form can be detrimental to our society’s understanding; a biased interpretation that is viewed as objective fact.


Sway’s purpose is to address these biases in an attempt to demonstrate the importance of critical thinking in a scientific context.

The goal is to give you a deeper insight into the concerns facing both our planet and our society as a result of the underlying prejudices that sway our perceptions.

My hope is that you view what you read here with the same critical analysis that should be applied to all forms of information, but if Sway has been successful you will come away with more knowledge of how to navigate our modern world.

About The Author

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My name is Lucy Tredoux and I started Sway as a way to express my passion and constant fascination with the natural world. This blog has developed into a platform through which to educate myself on topics that are important to me and apply the knowledge I have been taught in formal education to scenarios developing in the real world. 

I have received a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology from the University of Plymouth and an MSc in Tropical Marine Biology from the University of Essex. Throughout my education I discovered a whole new level of appreciation for the environment that I had grown up alongside and it gave me a desire to share this with people that do not have access to this knowledge.


I continue to be inspired by my desire to fill society with deep, meaningful connections to both our fellow humans and to the environment that we depend upon for so much.